Sunday, February 8, 2009

Information from the Artist Mentors Meeting

Thank you for a successful Q&A Session!

The first Q&A session of the Artists Mentor group opened with greetings, chat and laughter, then settled down to business with Sasun leading with the question, "What is the best way to upload my scans/digital photos into SL?", discussing the sizes, resolution and weighing the pros and cons of great images versus long load time. This transitioned into a discussion regarding resizing, whether art should be sold allowing modify rights so that it can be resized as needed by the purchaser. Many people worried about the quality of the art, such as the resolution, or seeing it resized in the wrong proportion. To some, the answer to this is a 'touch to resize' script.

The next question fielded to Cora was "what does overexposure mean?". There were some tongue-in-cheek replies regarding photography and sunlight. Seasoned SL Artists and Gallery Owners picked up the thread and mentioned "if you show the same or similar work in too many places, no one will come to see your new work", and in a correlation to the music industry "in art it would be too many exhibits too fast with the same or too similar work". There was some discussion about whether or not having your name out there a lot was overexposure, as opposed to the point where you just have too much of the same art. The catch in SL is that because you can copy your artwork, you can literally have the same work hanging in a dozen different galleries, unlike real life.

This led to a discussion about different markets and venues for art in SL, as well as visiting galleries, talking to the gallery owners, a suggestion was made that "new artists should be selective about the gallery - observe how they (and if they) publicize their shows, and look into their reputation". Suggestions arose for posting your art where its publically available to view, like Flickr, Koinup, Avatrait.

A question regarding building mentors led to some great suggestions for building help sites, classes and people to connect with. I will add all the great sites referenced to the blog for people to check out for themselves.

The inevitable question regarding whether or not someone could actually expect to support themselves selling art in SL, which led to assorted laughs and cheers, along with discussion about pricing and exposure. The wide response seemed to be that most were happy if their art sales covered the cost of their gallery spaces in SL. A few cited successful artists and discussion regarding pricing low vs high followed. There was general agreement throughout the room that if you are only in SL to make money selling art, you are going to be frustrated.

As the hour wound down the discussion went to one-of-a-kind and limited addition art and the pros and cons of selling it in SL. People began filtering out and the discussion carried on for another hour with the remaining audience and new people popping in and out. All in all the feedback about the meeting was fantastic and we are thrilled at how many people came forward with offers to help.

The entire transcript of the meeting is available at

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Q&A With the Artist Mentors Group

Calling all SL Artists, new and old! The Artist Mentor group is holding our very first open Q&A session!

Who? The Artist Mentor group was created to help artists new to SL by sharing experience, hosting classes and learning sessions, and supplying learning resources to help newbies get started in the wild and crazy world of art in SL. If you are new to SL, this is an EXCELLENT opportunity to ask some experts ANY silly question you want! If you are an experienced artist, come share your knowledge with some new and exited artists!

When? This saturday at 11am PST
(click here for times in your local timezone).

Where? We will be meeting at the lovely Pixel Factory cafe in Tabula rasa:

See you then! Your hosts:
Sasun Steinbeck
Tricia Aferdita
Cora Dibou

Monday, December 1, 2008

What is an Artist Mentor?

What is an artist Mentor?

We have all been new to SL, trying to figure out how to work with our art here, open a gallery, just get a show...

Some of us figured out how to do it all by ourselves, through trial and error. Some of us were blessed with help, someone who explained lindens, prims, tier, etc... I think we can all imagine how different our experience could have been with or without that help.

The Artist Mentors Group is looking for people who are willing to share their experience with new Artist and Gallery Owners in SL. Our goal is to match skills/interests and connect new people with experienced avatars. This doesn't mean they'll move in with you! We'd just like to give them someone they can IM with questions, people willing to teach classes or simply provide educational material.

Artist Mentors' directors will be a liaison between the new community members and the Mentors, and a point of support for both. Headquarters will be created as a common meeting ground and gathering place.

What do you need to do to be a mentor?

You just need a genuine interest in helping out. Your skill level is not important. We'll be happy to find a niche for your skill or particular area of interest. IM Cora Dibou or Tricia Aferdita if you are interested!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to Artist Mentors

Artist Mentors is a Second Life based group dedicated to supporting and mentoring new artists and gallery owner/curators in SL. We will be coordinating group-wide projects, sharing ideas, and assisting new gallery owners.

If you are a new artist in Second Life, looking for some guidance on getting started, if you are an SL resident who's been working up the courage to show your art in SL, or if you are an artist wondering how you can have your art represented in Second Life, this is the place to start.

If you are an established artist or gallery owner/curator in SL and would like to help new artists, we welcome your assistance. Please contact us!

This group is open to all RL & SL art gallery owners/curator/resident artists. IM Sasun Steinbeck, Roxanne Lundquist, Tricia Aferdita or Cora Dibou (within SL) for an invitation.

Possible upcoming classes/informational documents:
  • Preparing your art/photos for Second Life
    • Size, file types, uploading
  • Lag: It's causes and prevention
  • Writing a Bio
  • How to deal with IP rights in your gallery (i.e. artists/renters trying to sell copyrighted, stolen materials)
For artists looking for help getting started in Second Life for the first time, feel free to e-mail:

Tricia Aferdita:
Sasun Steinbeck:

Directors: Sasun Steinbeck, Roxanne Lundquist & Tricia Aferdita
Volunteer Coordinator: Cora Dibou